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Below you can find an overview of our equipment used for under water Cone Penetration Testing (CPT).

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Manta CPT system

With the Manta Cone Penetration Test (CPT) System, subsurface soil conditions can be determined rapidly and accurately. This modular weight system can be used for shallow CPTs in its light (60 kN) version and for heavier or deeper CPTs in a partially or fully (200kN) ballasted version, from smaller vessels with a suitable A-frame or crane (Manta-Light) or from larger vessels with a suitable A-Frame or a heavy crane and moonpool. The system allows penetration up to 35+ m. with a 10 cm² or 15 cm² cone into the seabed in waterdepths of up to 1500 m. During the test penetration depth, tip resistance, sleeve friction, cone inclination are measured and displayed real-time. Porewater pressure measurements, temperature measurements, dissipations tests, T-bar tests and seismic testing are optional. 

Mini CPT system

This light-weight system is particularly useful for deployment from smaller vessels with a suitable A-frame or crane. The system allows a 10 m penetration with a 2 cm² cone into the seabed. During the test, penetration depth, tip resistance and sleeve friction are being measured and displayed real-time. Porewater pressure and thermal conductivity measurements are optional.

Push-heat TC-CPT

In the offshore electric power cable- and pipeline market, thermal conductivity measurements are considered a "must" for a reliable cable or pipeline design. To facilitate measurement in coastal areas, Fielax and MSH have developed Push-heat. This system combines the Fielax thermal conductivity probe with the MSH mini CPT. The system allows both stand-alone and combined thermal conductivity- and CPT measurements. 

Manta CPT system