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Specialist in offshore geotechnical investigations

Marine Sampling Holland B.V. (MSH) is specialist in offshore geotechnical, geological and environmental research. We have dedicated seabed Cone Penetration Test systems (CPT) for in-situ testing and a variety of dedicated equipment for seabed sampling. 


We are specialized in geotechnical, geological and environmental research of offshore subsurface, riverbeds and sedimentary harbour and canal deposits. We have gained over 40 years worldwide experience, from the Arctic to the Antarctic area and all seas and oceans in between. We have several state-of-the-art units and other equipment to carry out the research. We also provide consultancy for a wide range of offshore projects.

We are a member of the Dutch Ocean group, a group of companies and institutions from the Netherlands active in the collection, processing and analysis of seabed, seawater and atmospheric data for offshore projects, coastal developments and management.

Collaborative companies

We work closely with our sister company Wiertsema & Partners B.V. in Tolbert the Netherlands, an engineering firm specialized in geotechnical, geohydrological and environmental research and consultancy. Together with Wiertsema & Partners B.V. we own an extensive geotechnical laboratory where a broad range of laboratory tests can be conducted.

In 2011 Wiertsema & Partners and BK Groep continued the activities of Bouwlab and its sistercompany Curaçao Milieuadvies. The new founded company is called: Civil, Environmental & Geotechnical Engineers Caribbean, in short CEGE Caribbean.

In 2016 SEMASO is founded as a sister company in close cooperation with Ravensrodd Consultants Ltd. SEMASO is specialized in sediment management solutions for rivers, estuaries and marine coastal environments around the world.