Manta CPT system


We have added a new CPT system to our equipment. We now have two CPT systems available for research.

With the new Manta Cone Penetration Test (CPT) System, subsurface soil conditions can be determined rapidly and accurately. This variable-weight system can be used for shallow CPTs in its light (60 kN) version and for heavier or deeper CPTs in a partially or fully (200kN) ballasted version, from smaller vessels with a suitable A-frame or crane (Mant-Light) or from larger vessels with a suitable A-Frame or a heavy crane and moonpool. The system allows penetration upto 20+ m. of a 5 cm2 or 20 cm2 CPT cone into the sea bed in water depths of up to
500 m. During the test penetration depth, tip resistance, sleeve friction, cone inclination are measured and displayed real-time. Porewater pressure measurement and optional other sensors are also available.

The Manta CPT system is very useful in geological and geotechnical site characterization projects. Some potential application areas are:

- pre- and post-dredging surveys
- cable and pipeline route surveys
- shallow foundation surveys
- deep foundation surveys